We hear that they are certain countries that are unable to reach the internet due to the unequal of the internet access also we hear that more than countries have lot more access to the internet and clearly so as by the law and the rights of each country each person has the full right to have internet on their hands weather they use it or not but it’s by the law that people must enjoy their and know more about the internet because it’s what they need.


We cannot tolerate this unequal of other countries not being able to receive the access to the internet because the internet it’s a daily thing to a of people are the world people need the internet just like they need oxygen to breathe everyday so this thing of saying some countries have less internet access and some have more it’s just not part of the law and the rights of the people. This things needs to stop now because it’s now humiliating other people’s rights and the law and all the rights and the law of the each country to each person must be respected.


So we as the leader and the IT properties have written this latter so that we need to make sure that people get what they need at any time they want it not being humiliated and taken for granted by other countries each needs to get what they want.






  • Every person has the right to have the access to the internet
  • The internet is not for certain countries or people but for human beings
  • The internet must be used and be taken good care no abusing
  • All people have the right to access the internet in order to play around and just enjoy the freedom of it
  • All the countries must have equal internet access as much as they can
  • The internet must be all over the world
  • All the people who have the internet on them they must always use it wisely
  • The internet must be a second oxygen for people to live on it.
  • All the network must reach each country equally
  • The internet is a productive way to people live a batter life.