Question 4

  • Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person by sending any message that may be intimidating or threatening. It also causes psychological, emotional and physical stress which has led to many suicides which has impacted negatively on the society.

  • Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is an uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment is also another issue that has an impact on society as people are left traumatized and scared for the rest of their lives .The problem with inappropriate conduct is that there are no consequences because people remain anonymous which is why it’s hard to end

  • Verbal abuse

Is described as a negative defining statement told to the victim or about the victim or by withholding any response.

  • Inappropriate digital conduct

Inappropriate conduct has a dramatic effect on society as everyone living in today’s world can be reached and harmed by anyone which leads to suicide, job loss, physiological issues, economic issues etc . It is vital that appropriate conduct is followed online so there is no discrimination and harassment.


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1.Article 1

Article 1


When your phone rings, what do you do?

You answer it, of course.

If you are like most, you answer it no matter where you are, what you are doing, or who you are with.

When did technology become the controlling factor in our lives?

Why do we drop everything any time our gadgets signal us?

You should be in charge of your tech, not the other way around.

“Is your technology a leash that keeps you working 24/7?

Or is it a tool that allows you to do your work when and where you want to?”

There is a big difference.

Ask yourself, “Do you rule your technology or does it rule over you?”

Here are just a few signs that technology is ruling your life:

Answering your phone no matter what you are doing

Tweeting during social functions when you are with others

Reading gossip and news (often the same thing) while with family and friends

Checking email 37 times a day

Letting apps interrupt you all day and night with meaningless notifications

Social media taking priority over what is happening IRL

Your technology is a convenience device for other people, instead of a productivity tool for yourself

Jumping to act anytime your phone makes a noise

Take Control of Your Tech

Reacting any time your technology rings, dings, or vibrates is not productive. (Tweet this quote)

Nor is this stimulus-response way of life very fun.

It’s time you start controlling your tech, instead of letting your tech control you.

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2.Article 2

Article 2


Rise in first-date rape claims linked to online dating

The number of people reporting being raped on their first date with someone they met on a dating app has risen six-fold in five years, figures show.

There were 184 rape allegations in the UK in 2014, up from 33 in 2009, the National Crime Agency (NCA) said.

It said 85% of the victims of sexual offences linked to online dating were female in the period 2003-15.

The agency said it was concerned the number may be under-reported, and it encouraged victims to come forward.

More than nine million people in the UK have signed up to dating websites.

‘Make people aware’

The overall number of rapes recorded in England and Wales similarly rose between 2009 and 2014, but far less sharply, figures for the Office for National Statistics suggest.

Sean Sutton of the NCA’s Serious Crime Analysis Section said further work was needed to understand the increase, but the team was considering whether this could include:

The fact that people feel protected online, and their communication can escalate rapidly to become sexual in nature, leading to mismatched expectations

Deliberate targeting of online sites and apps by those who intend to commit sexual assault

Victims having more confidence to report assaults to the police

Whether more people are spending time in private on a first date

There was some evidence of coercion and persuasion being used by offenders to encourage, often reluctant, victims to meet sooner than they would like, Mr. Sutton said.

He said data from 2003-15 suggested 43% of first face-to-face meetings between a victim and offender took place within one week of their initial contact online.

“This initial work clearly raises a lot of questions and we will be working with academia to build a more complete picture,” Mr. Sutton said.

“Our aim here is to make people aware of the potential danger, so they can be better prepared and make the choices that are right for them.

“A rape victim is never at fault and we do not want the circumstances in which these assaults take place to cause any victim to doubt that.

“Sexual assault is a crime, full stop, and we want victims to feel confident reporting it to the police.”



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