Define process

Interpol states out that in South Africa every 25 seconds person is raped or sexually abused, it is also said that it is girls who are most likely to be the ones being sexually abused.

Discover process

Research conducted by Gqola  a university professor states that rape in South Africa was triggered by the post-apartheid problems , ever since then it has been rising drastically.

Dream process

By taking all people who are being raped and sexually abuse to a more safer place where they will not be abused will decrease the high rate of rape in South Africa , Educating young girls about most likely to succeed ways to dodge being sexually abused could result in decrease of rape. Add more S.A.P.S to deal with the rapists in a legalized manner.

Design process

S.A.P.S should go to learning institutions , places where people are most likely to be in large number and address this issue of rape by telling people about the procedures that should be taken if they happen to find themselves in that kind of a situation. Police should make sure they take proper actions with the rapists, by making sure they face the consequences of sexually abusing someone.

Deliver process

Distribution of relevant/ helpful information should be implemented. All the people who had the same problems should be grouped together with people who are suffering for the rape issue so that they can be given proper solutions on how to deal with this matter.