POE Question 2

In this passage I will attempt to discuss the groundbreaking archeological findings (Homo Naledi) by Professor Lee Berger from Wits University, this will focus on the reason why this Homo naledi was at first, and also the importance of this Homo to those who found this species.

Homo Naledi is species which was found in Dinaledi Chamber of the Rising Star cave system. According to the Scientists this is a Humanlike which is more similar to Homo erectus, Homo habilis or Homo rudolfensis, this is because of its body mass and small body like Humanlike, while it’s cranial is unique from other species.

There is many question about this, and some of them is when, where does this fit in Family tree, and how did those bones get in that deepest cave? Tucker and hunter worked through this by holding single arm and extend the other one on top of the head. By dropping themselves they found themselves at another little place less than eight inches wide. During 1990s, Lee Berger got a job at University of the Witwatersrand which he had to search for fossils, and this is shifted to Great Rift Valley of East Africa.

Lee Berger focused on what will have shed the light on outstanding of human evolution which origin our genus, Homo between two million and three million years ago. This brought the findings of apelike Australopithecus, this brought forward the findings of most popular Lucy, which was discovered in Ethiopia in 1974, which is followed by Homo erectus which According to Scientist was able to make wielding of tools, and fire making which they believed had big brain like ours.

Why Lee Berger was the most appearing Scientist when it comes to this Findings? This Scientist believed and argued that South Africa is the only smallest place where this evolution happened mostly, According to him the Evolution started at South Africa and escaped out of Africa and that resulted to Evolution.

The question is why are this findings important according to Scientists? This Findings According to Scientists is based on Evolution, by this Scientists try to prove that the Human population that we see today is from evolution, which is Scientists belief, while is against the Christian belief, and this bring confusion to most of people in our generation because in schools we being taught that which is against the Bible. This leaves with no answer to all of this theories because the one and only creator is GOD.


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