POE Questi0n 1


Definition of digital divide

Association amongst people and computers has expanded as we are in the 21st century .The ability to get to computers has become increasingly important to participate  in the economic, political and social parts of the world. Not everybody has access to this technology. The idea of the “digital divide”  refers to the developing the gap between the poor, rural, elderly, and  handicapped portion of the  population who do not have access to computers and rich people who have access .

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Definition of social capital

  • Social capital may be defined as those resources permanent in social relations which advance collective action. Social capital resources include trust, standards, and
  • networks of association representing any group which assemble usually for a common purpose.

Definition of Knowledge Capital

  • Knowledge capital is measured as the estimation of copyrights, trademarks and licenses and it is characterized as the contribution to generation that gives the premise to item separation.
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Definition of Human capital

  • Human Capital is defined as skills that work force has and is regarded as a resource or an asset. It includes the opinions that there are investors in people, for example Health and Education and these investments increase an individual’s productiveness

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Discuss the correlation between divide and human capital.

  • The Digital divide is a result of the IT Revolution and research has associated it with the ‘rewiring of the human brain’. It introduces the idea of human capital and presents some of the methods employed in the literature. It also investigates the potential change, due to the digital divide, in the metabolic example of a society related with ‘quality’ changes of the Human Activity.
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  • Knowledge capital can be said to be the intangible asset that represents valuable ideas, methods, processes and other intuitive talents that belong to a company.
  • Some of the most sought after capital is knowledge capital.
  • Knowledge capital is dependent on people, not work of machines, which means companies that want to grow and maintain knowledge capital must grow and maintain talent in their employees
  • Given the value that knowledge capital adds to a company, it is clear that the digital divide would impact on the company’s competitive advantage, as well as the other talents a company displays.

How can we assist to government to solve the issues around access

  • *Reconsider and improve social welfare services and financing.
  • *Improve and increase early childhood development.
  • *Grow social support and enlarge the scope of the contributory social security system.
  • *Develop the capabilities of communities to attain sustainable livelihoods and household food security.
  • *Build up coordination, incorporation, planning, monitoring and evaluation of services. South Africa has made excellent improvements in building social organisations and promoting a new single national identity, and work is progressing in this regard.
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Users who engage and collaborate with in social media tools such as Facebook twitter we are in an act of building a social capital. In addition our social