POE Question 4

Code of Conduct:

Points of netiquette:

  1. Remember the human – Do not forget that the person reading your communication is actually a person with real feelings and get offended. Never say anything online that would not say to the person’s face.
  2. Behave the same way online like you behave in real life, have ethics and remember breaking the law is bad netiquette.
  3. Know where you are on the internet, if you are in a formal forum then your netiquette should be that of respect. In a chat room your netiquette will be more casual.
  4. Respect other people’s time and bandwidth, especially when sharing files or documents. Make sure your read the FAQs first before asking redundant questions. If you don’t agree with a group’s discussion, don’t waste time telling them how stupid they are. Walk away.
  5. Make yourself look good online. Check grammar and spelling before you post. A lot of people judge one’s intelligence based your grammar and spelling. Only post things you know about.
  6. Share expert information, offer answers and help others where you can.
  7. Help keep flames under control, do not respond to flame-bait, don’t post grammar or spelling flames and apologise if you done so.
  8. Respect other people’s privacy – don’t give out other people’s details, online or offline
  9. Don’t abuse your power – the more power you have, the more important it is how you use it.
  10. Forgive others of their mistakes. We were all once beginners and should accept that everyone has to start somewhere.


  1. If these rules are not followed, the first step would be sending an automatic email to the user stating that they broke the rules.
  2. The next time would be to limit their time to access to the internet.
  3. If the rules are continued to be disobeyed they would need to attend a disciplinary hearing.
  4. If the previous step has not corrected their actions, then the final step would be to take legal actions against the user.

How to enforce this:

Have a way for other users to report users who are not using the network for appropriate reasons so that the company can be aware of mis-conduct.


It is important when making research to always reference your work. Evaluator should keep a look out for referencing to make sure user hasn’t plagiarised their work.


6 November 2016 weebly.com www page




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